Monday, October 26, 2009

I'm Pretty Sure We Do Something Besides Eat, I Promise

Maybe it's because I'm absolutely starving this morning or perhaps it's because Jason made an awesome meal that included his own homemade barbecue sauce, whichever it is, I've got a ton of delicious pictures from this weekend.

We had our friends Eric and Tiffany and their beautiful girls over for a little UFC action this Saturday. Figuring they weren't down with a spread of Big Macs, Jason got busy in the kitchen.(I did help with the Garlic Thyme Green Beans and my go to starter, Bacon Crisps)

Jason can totally put out a fantastic homemade barbecue sauce, which was enjoyed by everyone including this cuteness that will eventually lead to the arranged marriage that Tiffany and I are planning.

I'm pretty much going to have the cutest grandkids ever.

In an unrelated turn of events Jason and I, in an unprecedented fashion, had another Big Mac attack last night.


I am considering making big changes to my head this coming weekend, making my hair a dark chestnut brown. What do you guys think?

And yes, this was totally a filler post


Gypsy said...

That spread looks delicious. I'd kill for some crusty bread right now, not to mention bacon.

I did a filler post today, too, but since I haven't posted anything in like two weeks, I figure it's better than nothing? Maybe not.

Anonymous said...

I think a hair change is always fun!

And you can pull ANY color off!

Xjaeva said...

1) Cruel pictures. Im starving
2) I've totally been rocking the arranged marriages since first son was 2. too many cute girls to choose from though and I think he might end up defying me anyways. Punk.
3)Yes. You would make a smokin hot chesnut brunette.
4)filler posts are okay
5)numbered comments rock :)

By the Seat said...

I think dark would look amazing! Go for it! :)
Oh and now I'm hungry. Thanks!

Mrs. Booms said...

So far between Twitter and here the consensus has been to give the brunette a shot.

So I think I just might.

And between posting this and ordering catering for the office tomorrow, I am absolutely ravenous. Sorry guys.

Sarah said...

Dark chestnut brown!?$%! Just thought you'd slip that in there at the end in case we weren't reading closely, huh? Well, I think it would be awesome. However, a word of warning. When I went from platinum to dark I was fanatizing about a rich soft shiny brown and I didn't realise that over-processed hair doesn't quite look that way when it's coloured over with brown. What am I trying to say? I don't know. Go for it mama!

slouchy said...

Would you come over to our house and cook? Please?

Ooh. Chestnut brown. Can't wait to see it.

Anonymous said...

Damn. Now I'M hungry.

And I think your hair would look great dark.