Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Ghosts of Christmas Past

Today I am stuffed full of Kansas City barbecue goodness and it feels like the kick off to the holiday season for me, because I'm THAT full. In arranging to feed my office, I may have also picked up a huge pumpkin pie and chocolate cake to get a jump start on the over-eating that is up ahead us. Combine that with the pumpkin bread I made last night and I'm almost ready to jump into the spirit of the season head first.


All of this leads me to our annual holiday card. I started thinking of ideas for our card this year and realized we didn't do a picture card last year. In looking through the pictures I took for the card last year I see why. I really had little to work with.

First? Fail.

Then? Double fail.

Oooh, look. Half-way there.

And, um, no.

Thinking back to the year before that, I did pictures of the kids as gifts and it took about 50 shots to get one workable shot.

Jason is going to dig out the Christmas stuff this weekend so we can have our photo shoot.

Wish me luck. Because, as you can see, I need it. Bad.

In the meantime, I'm in love with this video. Researching hair colors brought me to it.

Don't ask. Just enjoy.


Anonymous said...

I like that last pic!!! But did you mention cake??

By the Seat said...

Our card last year took three photo shoots and was still and epic fail. I sent out a blurry picture because it was the only one where all four of us were even remotely looking in the same place.

My fave pic is the 3rd one.

By the Seat said...

and epic = an epic. Go English!

BusyDad said...

These are all card-worthy. And awesome. If you want perfectly posed, just buy a photo frame and use the generic pic that comes with it. I say print em!

(Saying this because we went thru the same ordeal... ordeaaaaaal!)

Ginny said...

I know you deemed the last one a "no", but come ON! That's some cute stuff, right there.

Mrs. Booms said...

Okay, I admit, I actually find every one of these shots to be adorable with the last being my favorite.

Gypsy said...

Such cute kids, even in "bad" photos.

MiStY said...

I love the pics! Makes me long for kids :( Guess I'll have to settle for cats.