Thursday, March 25, 2010

I think it's time to face the facts...

The last few months have turned into officially the longest funk I've had in over a decade. It's not been awesome and I'm a giant pansy. I realize this.

Writing is just not happening for me. Maybe it's because I'm lazy, mostly I think it's just because I don't have anything to say that can't be said in 10 lines or less. As a matter of fact, this is a cut and paste from my other blog, because saying this stuff twice is just not happening.

However, if you feel the need to keep up with what I'm doing (or not doing), what I'm saying (or not saying) I do have a Twitter account @sharibooms. And I finally caved and started a tumblr. You can find me here. There you can hang out with my current Joy Division obsession, the voyage to my next tattoo, pictures of me and mine and other assorted hooey.

I don't know if I'll come back to traditional blogging anytime soon.

I know, go cry yourselves to sleep. Soak your pillows.

The end has come.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

My Promise To You...

Is that I'm going to be back here very soon. With delicious pictures of the screen printed posters I recently acquired when my company merged with another.

Pinky swear.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

And the delayed winnah is!

I know,I know...

I'm finally getting to the giveaway. Trust me, I've been crazy busy.

So let's get down to it.

Jason picked a random number between 1 and 28 and then since I deleted a random jack ass comment - This person ended up being number 23 and she said this:

Bimbo Baggins said...
Wait, can we only enter twice, or as many times as we want? Cause if it's the latter, then this is entry number 3. I really want the friggen bow.

On November 18, 2009 10:24 AM

Which this makes me happy because nobody commented as many times as she did.

Email me the address you want your bow sent to!

Congrats BimboBaggins. That's a catchy name, where ever did you get it?

Also, I had some requests for the bow pattern. There was no pattern, I made it up on the fly. So look for a tutorial soon.


Friday, November 13, 2009

Crazy busy is good news for you...

I have been so insanely busy that I have entirely neglected anything referred to as "blog".

I have tons of knitting projects that I have finished and need to share with you. Seeing as how I don't have any of the pictures downloaded, I'm going to do this instead.

A giveaway.

I've made several of these super fun bows that I absolutely love:

Would you like to have one? Leave a comment on this post and a winner will be chosen at random. The winner will get to choose one of the colors that I have in my yarn collection.

You can comment as many times as you like and the winner will be chosen next weekend!

Good luck! If enough people are interested I'll give two away and each winner will also get another "surprise"!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

A whole heap of good came my way. Can I please put some good back out there for someone else?

You know how the other day I was all whine, whine whine, my job doesn't want to hang with me, new bosses, sob, boohoo, why does everyone hate me so much? And in my mind I threw in a side of, "You don't even know me! Or understand me! I'm complex and maybe you're all a-holes". It wasn't directed at you (I would never, ever call you that), it was probably directed at my parents when I was 16 and my peers from the same period, but it is still hanging around inside of me, dressed in black and rolling it's eyes... a lot!

Anyway, so I did that, I whined, I felt better. I put my angst out there for the Universe to have its way with it, and it did and then something weird happened.

The very next day I was promoted. Like that. Like my boss went to lunch and came back and was all, "Can I see you in my office for a minute?" and then I was all, "Whut? Huh, so soon?"

So there you go.

I'm insanely, and I do mean INSANELY, busy in this transition stage of my working life that is going to be performed in steps until I return from a long holiday break and start a whole new era on January 4th. In the meantime, it's really comforting and reassuring to know that there are people out there, people who have worked with me for three and a half years and have this sense that I can be successful in more than I am now. And that I can be more than I have been.

And here is where I want to give those good vibes back if anyone at all is interested.

I'm thinking of a giveaway.

A giveaway of something I've made with my own two hands, because right now, I actually feel like someone might actually appreciate something that I am able to create.

I really, rarely feel like that.

So tell me? Would you be interested in one of my knitted goods?

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Halloween is over and now I have to ask myself, do I feel lucky? Well, do I, punk?

I have had pictures and things sitting here ready to post for almost a week and I've just been so insane with work and the oh my gah, will I have a job in a monthness of it all. Because I don't know if you are aware, but having a job is pretty darn important.

If it says anything at all about my state of mind, I just downed two of the small funsize KitKat's while writing that run on sentence and I don't even remember the taste of them or how I broke off all four pieces and didn't even notice myself cramming and chewing them. Evidently, I shoved them in my mouth and performed acts of poor grammar with nary a wink of my eye. Which actually twitches more than winks these days, because did you hear? I've been wondering if I have a job!

As it turns out, I probably have a job, I mean, that's what I was told and the probablyness of that is what is killing me. So please excuse my tardiness around here, my twitching, the swollen lower lip I have which is an evident allergic reaction to life, and all of my "AH, JOB! NOW!".

To make it up to you, I thought I might share my favorite shots from this Halloween weekend. The weekend that found me Christmas shopping at the end of it because, again, Christmas is coming up and I've been unsure if I HAVE A JOB!

This is my insanely beautiful family that I can just go ahead and brag about because, look at them, they really are pretty:

I'm mostly positive that all of you have things to be proud of, and I hope you know what those are and wave your pride around like a flag. Because this me, waving my pride around and it's because I made these! I made them, can you believe it?

And, he wore that suit the entire day, every where we went. Even to Wal-mart, which made us the coolest people in Wal-mart (please, just marvel with me).

At the end of his day as Batman, Ian owned trick or treating. He's pretty much a professional now and the best trick or treater you could ever meet. Ever.

He learned it all from another who actually has a PhD in trick or treating. She's very accomplished in this area, complete with a "team trick or treating" on her resume:

And finally? When we were at Wal-mart, they had a huge bag of candy corn and pumpkins by the register and I eyed it until Jason threw it in the cart. And I said, "No, really, I don't need all of that." but I kept looking at it like I really, really wanted it. Mostly because I did and he saw that and ignored me, even though he despises those little kernels of sweet goodness.

When we got home, I realized I didn't have a candy dish big enough for all of it, because, seriously, no one needs a candy dish THAT big. Pretty much, just me. So I improvised and it turned out awesome. And delicious. It turned out delicious and awesome, even with Jason singing "I don't like Candy Corn" at me all weekend long.

Friday, October 30, 2009