Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Halloween is over and now I have to ask myself, do I feel lucky? Well, do I, punk?

I have had pictures and things sitting here ready to post for almost a week and I've just been so insane with work and the oh my gah, will I have a job in a monthness of it all. Because I don't know if you are aware, but having a job is pretty darn important.

If it says anything at all about my state of mind, I just downed two of the small funsize KitKat's while writing that run on sentence and I don't even remember the taste of them or how I broke off all four pieces and didn't even notice myself cramming and chewing them. Evidently, I shoved them in my mouth and performed acts of poor grammar with nary a wink of my eye. Which actually twitches more than winks these days, because did you hear? I've been wondering if I have a job!

As it turns out, I probably have a job, I mean, that's what I was told and the probablyness of that is what is killing me. So please excuse my tardiness around here, my twitching, the swollen lower lip I have which is an evident allergic reaction to life, and all of my "AH, JOB! NOW!".

To make it up to you, I thought I might share my favorite shots from this Halloween weekend. The weekend that found me Christmas shopping at the end of it because, again, Christmas is coming up and I've been unsure if I HAVE A JOB!

This is my insanely beautiful family that I can just go ahead and brag about because, look at them, they really are pretty:

I'm mostly positive that all of you have things to be proud of, and I hope you know what those are and wave your pride around like a flag. Because this me, waving my pride around and it's because I made these! I made them, can you believe it?

And, he wore that suit the entire day, every where we went. Even to Wal-mart, which made us the coolest people in Wal-mart (please, just marvel with me).

At the end of his day as Batman, Ian owned trick or treating. He's pretty much a professional now and the best trick or treater you could ever meet. Ever.

He learned it all from another who actually has a PhD in trick or treating. She's very accomplished in this area, complete with a "team trick or treating" on her resume:

And finally? When we were at Wal-mart, they had a huge bag of candy corn and pumpkins by the register and I eyed it until Jason threw it in the cart. And I said, "No, really, I don't need all of that." but I kept looking at it like I really, really wanted it. Mostly because I did and he saw that and ignored me, even though he despises those little kernels of sweet goodness.

When we got home, I realized I didn't have a candy dish big enough for all of it, because, seriously, no one needs a candy dish THAT big. Pretty much, just me. So I improvised and it turned out awesome. And delicious. It turned out delicious and awesome, even with Jason singing "I don't like Candy Corn" at me all weekend long.


Gypsy said...

Candy corn AND pyrex? That's pretty much perfect.

Gypsy said...

Oh, and sorry about the job stuff. Limbo sucks ass.

slouchy said...

Those are some delicious kids you got there, Booms. I'd give them all my candy and then have none left.

As for the up-in-the-airness of the job, an AUGH. and another, here: AUGH. and the hope that it all gets worked out, and soon.

Rassles said...

"Just marvel with me."

Mahfucking ZING.

the slackmistress said...

I love your family. You SHOULD be proud of them!

Miss Yvonne said...

I hate how jobs are always all "Hey, I know you hate me most days but guess what? You are totally going to lose me soon and then you'll be wishing you had me." Hope you get to keep yours.

Also, your kids are too adorable. They are almost as adorable as that pyrex candy dish. Almost.

IB said...

Those kids are beautiful. Nice work.