Friday, October 23, 2009

Fall, Big Macs and Birdcages

Jason and I had our usual Friday Big Mac attack. Like clockwork, Friday hits and we are ready to shove the greasy goodness that is McDonalds into our faces like 16 year olds without morals or conscience.

Jason was not really amused when I made him pause so I'd have photographic evidence of our grossness. He said "I just want to eat already":

Today is a cold, gray and spitty Fall day. I'm down in the basement rushing through this because this is waiting for me upstairs:

Like an idiot, my bare toes are freezing, I was just out in the garage spraying a second coat on my birdcage (more in a minute) with no shoes on.

I thought I might share a couple of my recent Pyrex finds. Every time my grandma hands me a new (old) piece or I stumble across one at Goodwill, I get a little excited. And I don't think Jason gets as "pee your pants" happy as I do. Maybe someone out there will. Our next house project is a wall make-over to display my Pyrex. This project involves blackboard paint so I'm dorking out on the prospects of that just a little bit.

So I had mentioned to my grandma a few weeks ago that I really wanted a decorative birdcage for my living room and was going to start hunting for one. And that is when the treasure trove that is grandma's house started to shine and glisten with pixie dust and she announced, I have at least two that you can have, just come over and get them.

It turns out she had three just stashed in various places, including the place she calls the "Fairy House" in her back yard. I'll share that with you soon enough. Jason and I were married next to that fairy house. So she's not crazy, there is a house. Although, I'm not sure about the fairies. Grandma does get a little wonky from time to time.

So I went over and picked up my newly beloved birdcage. It was bare wood when I got it and not an attractive color of wood at that, "forcing" me to whip out my can of Krylon:

And as I said before, grandma's house always prices things perfectly, free. Which made this score all the better since just days later I saw one very similar at Urban Outfitters ( for nearly $100. Also? I saw one in the window of a shop that had been converted into a lamp that looked exactly like this one only it had a price tag of over $250.

Hopefully, I can get Jason to hang it in the corner I have all picked out for it. A corner that has been looking lonely and desolate since we moved into this house.

I promise to post pictures when we do.

Wishing everyone a great weekend!


Gypsy said...

That pink pyrex makes me all swoony.

IB said...

Nice to see you are posting again. I can't relate to pyrex fixations but i do crave McD's from time to time.

Miss Yvonne said...

Love the birdhouse...jealous!

Anonymous said...

I remember rummaging around the upstairs of my grandmother's house. Best find was a really old quilt and a about 5 first editions by L.Frank Baum--all follow-ups to the Wizard of Oz.

Rose Red said...

I love your polaroids. I wish I had a grandma that was always giving me treasures. I am also obsessed with vintage dishes. I love the pink floral pyrex.

I love your blog and your hair :)


Annabelle said...

I like the Pyrex very much. The colors are pretty too so the pieces must be pre-70s??

I seem to remember that everything in the 70s was avacado, harvest gold or copper and covered in vegetables, wheat or mushrooms. I just hated the 70s. Such a "nothing" time except of course that I was in my prime - can you say hot, hot, hot in my low rise elephant bells, skinny rib tops and platforms? Yeah baby. I was cooking alright, but there was no pyrex in sight -if you know what I mean. Now its me that's sort of covered in mushrooms.

Ooh where did that come from? Sorry...Anyway, I love the new look. It makes me feel happy and hungry for a yummy casserole.

Rassles said...

Pyrex is fantastic. I'm in the process of collecting small, thick glass goblets. I don't know why. I found two that I fell in love with, and now it's this horrible collection of bullshit.

angela hardison said...

the birdcage is awesome.

and i had to laugh at the big mac craving... we were craving chik-fil-a this weekend and went to shove some waffle fries in our face :)

Beth said...

I love the birdcage! Can we trade Grandma's? All mine has are old shoes. blah!