Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Treasure Trove That Is Grandma's House

Being a collector of vintage Pyrex, I love treasure hunting. Usually this means combing thrift stores, which is something I've recently introduced my daughter to and now Jason is mostly wondering what we will ever do with all the "old stuff" we find together.

Just this weekend I scored some fantastic pink Pyrex for $2.50. That's for two pieces. It's okay, Jason didn't really understand my reason for the happiness jig either. But he smiled and said, "Don't you already have that one?"

Which I did. Pictures to come.

Recently, my grandma has been inviting me over to her house to dig through her treasures. Which is mega because grandma's house is always the right price. So I thought I'd share some of my thrift and grandma's house finds.

My last trip to grandma's was fruitful with the aforementioned birdcage (I'll show it soon), a beautiful quilt and this vintage Lusterware bird wall pocket that I love (Jason hates):

and a clearer shot:

Isn't it beautiful?

*I also wanted to answer a question that I was asked by Le Meems, I never use pre-made stencils or molds in any of my projects. All of my designs are done freehand. If I do use some kind of stencil it is one I created myself by drawing freehand first.

I like to live dangerously, you know.


Have any of you found any mega treasure scores lately?

PS - I totally bragged about being mega knitter way too early. Last night I had knitter's block and couldn't even manage the most janky of simple cast on's. Knit fail.


Jenifer said...

My mom sent me some of my grandmother's crystal (a creamer and sugar set) that grandma got as a wedding present. Also, some vases. I can't wait to incorporate them into our house.

It's bittersweet to have some of grandma's prized possessions, I'd rather have her.

Sarah said...

I like old nik-naks, but I'm with Jason. That bird is creepy.