Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Proving To {him} that "Purl" does not mean something kinky

A little over a year ago, I decided to teach myself to sew. What that meant was I sat down with the instruction manual to my sewing machine and read it cover to cover. I then went online and found a tutorial and went to work making aprons. Which I was fairly successful at and actually sold quite a few.

When my co-worker asked me if I'd like to learn to knit, given my recent blogging hiatus, I jumped all over the opportunity. So one day over a half hour lunch she showed me the most basic knit stitch and sent me on my way with my needles and two balls of yarn.

Over the next two weeks I knitted mega rectangles of dropped stitch goodness. I picked around the internet for videos and taught myself to cast-on, bind off, purl and other basic knitting goodness.

And then I found it. My first masterpiece. I felt comfortable enough in my new found skills to add a little more complicated stitching to this project. I'm an ego-maniac like that.

My daughter has a fascination with fingerless gloves (I blame myself) and was looking a tad hobo in the ratty ones I bought her two years ago. So this was an instant love connection.

Seriously, I only had to restart them like five times. That makes me "mega-knitter". I promise.

While I was practicing knitting until my fingers bled, almost literally, the kid and I spent a night watching the best movies ever. Juno, Darjeeling Limited and Napoleon Dynamite (I said ever, hmmm). So keeping in the spirit, I made her do a Napoleon Dynamite glamour shot photo session to show off her new gear. She eased her fist up under her chin and tilted her chin like a champ. We were only sad that we didn't have like a vest or some gold bracelets to make her look official.

Next knitting project is a matching neck warmer. Her arms and neck will never be cold again.

Also? I used the word mega twice.


Gypsy said...

Those are so darling. Nice work!

Lancelot told me just last night that I need to learn how to sew. I think he's lost his fool mind.

Anonymous said...

Knitting is the best. But beware, the better you get, the more expensive a habit it becomes...when you quit buying yarn at the hobby shop and start trolling the high-end yarn shops where a skein of cashmere costs the equivalent of two steak dinners at Mortons.

Holly Bee said...

Rock on! Knitting and fingerless mitts to boot. Keep up the awesome.

By the Seat said...

AWESOME! I just picked up a crochet hook last weekend and have been outputting a lot of scarves. I am thinking I might switch to the needles for the versatility. Thanks for the inspiration! Love the gloves!

Mrs. Booms said...

Thanks to all of you! I had such a hard time knitting last night I was frustrated, especially since I was only working on another pair of these. I was having an off night. Kind words will inspire me to get back at it.