Monday, October 19, 2009

In The Begininning There Were Pumpkins

The Fall always feels like new beginnings to me. After a summer that felt like it would never end and was wrought with strangeness, I stepped away from the internet, from my two years of blogging and all that went along with that.

I needed a fresh start.

I needed to feel the things I was creating in my hands again.

To pick up needles, thread, fabric and paint brushes.

To create with more than a mouse and a keyboard.

So I did. And I'm happy.

I put away the daily dish of snark and just focused on creating new things and feeding my soul. So let me greet you the very way you are greeted as you enter my home:

The mister and I are always and I do mean always working on something around the house. Whether it be the actual house or his love of house music.

This is our blog. This is our front walk-way with Jason's annual pumpkin display.

Both of these lousy pictures were taken at night with our lousy camera.

And this is what it looks like when you drive the parts of your annual display home in your Honda Pilot:

Jason won't give into a truck. He's just not "that" rural.

Welcome to our blog.


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